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What is a 'Commission'?
A commission is simply another word for a 'cut' of an order total that we will give to you in return for referring a customer to our webstore. For example, if your friend uses your personalised coupon code or link when visiting the Be More Fitness webstore and spends £100 GBP, we will give you £10 GBP (10%) of the order subtotal as a reward for referring the customer.

How do you know when I have referred a friend or fan to Be More Fitness?
The TeamBMF platform utilises unique referral tracking technology to ensure that members are always rewarded for their efforts. Customers are tracked using either your promotion link or your personalised coupon code. If someone goes through your profile link to Be More Fitness, or uses your personalised coupon code to place an order you will instantly receive commission in your TeamBMF account. If you have not already chosen your personalised coupon code you should go to 'Get Started' and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Do I need to be well-known on social media or have a lot of followers to be accepted?
Not at all. TeamBMF has members from all over the world from every walk of life. We focus less on social media followers and more on good quality content and motivation to be part of a fast-growing community with the same goals.

What if someone goes direct to the web store instead of going via by profile link?
As long as the customer uses your personalised coupon code on their order you will be rewarded with commission in your account. Referrals are tracked by either of the two methods explained in the earlier question.

How do I get paid?
TeamBMF members are paid on a monthly basis by PayPal. Ensure that you have added your PayPal address in your account details section. Note that the minimum payout is £30 GBP. Once you have reached £30 GBP in commission a payment will be triggered for the next monthly payment run. If you would like a manual payout before you have reached £30 GBP, please request this with our support team. Note: If a signup bonus was applied to your account it cannot be withdrawn until the £30 GBP threshold is met.

What's the difference between the personalised code and the direct link?
Once you have setup your account you will have a personalised coupon code and a direct link. The direct link, which looks like can be used in your social media bio, in emails, or anywhere you can send a website link. The purpose of this link is to track sales to your ambassador account. If someone clicks on your link and orders from our webstore, you will receive a 10% share of the order total. If the customer forgets to use your personalised coupon code for a discount, you will still receive the commission because the link is tracked using a "cookie" we drop on the customers computer. This makes sure that if they order again within 30 days, you will keep receiving commission.

Your personalised code serves two purposes. Firstly, it gives your friends and fans a discount on products on our store. If they enter your code at the checkout it will discount their order price. Secondly, by using your personalised code on an order it makes sure that you get rewarded for the sale. As long as your coupon code is used on an order, you will immediately receive a commission from the order. Each time you generate a commission you will receive an email with information about the sale.

How long does it take for my personalised code to be approved?
Once you submit your personalised code request it takes up to 24 hours for the code to be setup and activated. You will receive an email once it is ready. Remember, your personalised code is for giving out to your friends and fans and not for ordering your own items.

Which code do I give out to my friends and fans?
Your personalised coupon code is the code you give out to your friends and fans. It will give customers 10% discount on their order, and also reward you with commission from the order.

As an ambassador you receive lots of exclusive discount codes you can use to get products for yourself. Make sure it is only these discount codes that you use for your own orders and not your own personalised code.

How do I change my personalised code?
If you would like to change your personalised code just get in touch with your TeamBMF rep via Live Chat or email and they will change it for you. Note that it can take a few days for it to be updated.

Do I have to buy clothes to be part of the team?
No you don't.

There is no requirement to purchase products in order to become an ambassador or promote the brand. If you would like to take advantage of the exclusive first order discount codes that is absolutely at your choice. Of course, we want to see you representing the brand but we know that you can also promote the brand in more ways than just wearing our products. You can even receive products free of cost by earning social points from interacting on social media. It doesn't cost anything to interact on social media and we are the only brand to reward ambassadors in this way. We care about building long term partnerships with our ambassadors and really want to offer the best opportunities to succeed.

Can I promote other brands while being an ambassador?

You are under no obligation or contract to only promote Be More Fitness Apparel while you are an ambassador.

Do I need to post on social media a certain number of times?
Not at all!

There is no requirement to post on social media a certain number of times per week. You can promote the brand at your own pace.

Do I need to reach the £30 GBP minimum before the start of the next month?
Definitely not! Your balance will keep rolling over to the following months until you reach the payout threshold. There is no minimum requirement to keep your earnt commissions.




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